Engage Prospects and Customers, the INTERACTIVE WEBSITE 


Engaging prospects and customers on your website is a critical step between “driving traffic” to get them there and “converting” them with a call to action. It is this step where they give you 7 seconds to 2 minutes to determine if you have what they need. Engagement is also that step where you are building trust and rapport, just like face-to-face marketing and sales interactions.

The Interactive Website 

An INTERACTIVE website means you are accomplishing three critical things, trying to be more engaging with your “target audience” of visitors:

  • Create TRUST 
  • Give them the INFORMATION they came looking for 
  • Get PARTICIPATION from your visitors

Here are a few examples of what we mean by each of those three areas of an interactive website.




Your logo, trust logos

Great, fresh subject content


Clearly state what you do


Live chat

Standard layout and navigation



Easy to use

How-to guides

Social media integration

Uncluttered design

News and events

Calls to action

Consistent look with market

Meaningful about us

Faces and real people

Phone number and address

Infographics, calculators, configurations

Exclusive offers

engage prospects and customers

The true differentiator of the Internet is the ability to give a potential customer “exactly” the information they are looking for at the exact time they need it.  In most print and TV advertising, everyone gets the same message.  Your brochures are probably one size fits all too.

On the Web, you can have a 100 page website where each visitor only sees three to four pages.  They get your sales message tailored to their position, place in the sales cycle, and readiness to buy.

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